The Community Matters Partnership Project (CMPP) is a collaboration of socially responsible, caring organisations who work together to make a lasting difference in the local community, especially to young people.

CMPP warmly welcomes any local company, no matter how big or small you are to consider joining this collective effort to make a difference. As an innovative partnership we form strong relationships together and use our collective force to make a difference to the life aspirations of young people within our community and of course to our future workforce.

The network is a great opportunity to promote your business, deliver your CSR, take part in team building events, network with like-minded organisations, fundraise for your community and as a way of attracting future talent!

Want to know more? Check out our blog or email hello@cmpp.org.uk 

Pictured Above: Colleagues from across CMPP gather at Farnborough Business Park to talk about working together to raise money for young people projects

Farnborough Business Park, Capquest and Red Hat are all Partners of CMPP


The CMP Project began life in 2011 as a social enterprise partly in response to the Big Society agenda alongside a strong desire to support the local community in a time of recession.  To start, it comprised a small group of committed local businesses working together with the Founding director of CMP Tracy Jarvis to find myriad ways to make a lasting difference to the communities.

Activity initially cantered on gifting time, resource, expertise and funds raised through a plethora of activities to local good causes. In the first year, the group elected to concentrate energies on addressing a major local social priority then: the homeless adult population in the Borough and over the course of the next two years, CMP supported the growth, expansion. sustainability and development of The Vine Day Centre in Aldershot.

In 2013, CMP as a social enterprise was wound up due to the founder having become a new mum and wishing to spend more time at home and was replaced instead by a new expanded alliance; the partners themselves who took on the independent responsibility for funding and managing future development and hence CMPP (with the extra P) was born.

Having worked closely with The Vine Day Centre between 2011-2013, leaving the organisation immeasurably better equipped to operate in the future, Partners then turned their attention towards an further emerging local need: raising aspirations and encouraging progression in local young people and for a further two years of the project supported was given to the charity Creating Futures.

In 2015 the group created the Youth Aspiration Fund (the YAF) and the Give and Get Days. Both schemes are driven by the needs of the local community to which we as a business network can respond. community groups apply on-line for finance and volunteers.

In 2017 and onwards. the CMPP steering group will continue to monitor and respond to the needs of the community whilst encouraging other similar-minded organisations to get involved and help raise money for community projects whilst volunteering skills, time, expertise and resource as needed.

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