The shuttle bus service is a key facility for occupiers at Farnborough Business Park.

To ensure that it continues to provide a high quality, cost effective and efficient service, we will be trialling a new route for the buses to follow with effect from 25th February 2018.

The new route has been created to make use of both the bus lanes on the public roads, thereby allowing us to bypass traffic and the natural loop of the Park by entering via North Gate (beside Barons BMW) and exiting via Pinehurst Road. The new route will operate to the current timetable, a copy of which is attached. Using this route, the buses will make the following stops:

1, The Hub.
2, Templer
3, The front of Pinehurst (on Pinehurst Road)
4, Fluor

This trial will run for 13 weeks after which we will evaluate the results and we encourage your feedback to ensure that we maximise our understanding of how well the trial works.